New lapwing conservation platform | NABU & Partners

Initiated following a workshop during the 2017 International Wader Study Group conference in Prague, a new online resource for the conservation of Northern Lapwings hosted by NABU/Birdlife Germany & its partners has been launched at:

The platform is adressed to scientists, conservationists as well as farmers and other stakeholders involved in the conservation of Northern Lapwings (Vanellus vanellus). It aims at giving both the necessary background information as well as practical advice for a better protection of the species in Europe. New contents and updates will be available on a regular basis.

In the „Case studies“ section some contents were published in English already.

LAPWINGCONSERVATION.ORG will become increasingly international with the development of english ressources and pages.

LAPWINGCONSERVATION.ORG is hosted by NABU/Birdlife Germany as part of the Lapwing project „Sympathieträger Kiebitz“ within the national programme on biodiversity in Germany. Many European partner organisations and institutions will be involved in the multilingual development of the platform.

Additionally, a Twitter account has been launched for the project: @Lapwingconserv