2017 Prague, Czech Republic

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Conference Dates
15/09/17 — 18/09/17





Prague International Wader Study Group Conference retrospect

  • 1,207 hours of intense preparation from all organizers
  • 720 liters of beer drunk ad libitum throughout the whole conference
  • 404 Euros gained for IWSG via silent auction
  • 202 registered participants from 28 countries worldwide
  • 101 regular contributions (70 oral presentations, 31 posters)
  • 32 new IWSG members gained via Prague conference
  • 6 excellent plenary talks
  • 4 various excursions (unexpectedly nearly without waders)
  • 3 productive workshops
  • 1 friendly, vibrant and inspiring atmosphere in Prague created by all participants

This could be a short summary of our successful meeting in Prague. However a few more things deserve to be highlighted, especially those introduced for the first time in Prague.

Nearly all presentations were videorecorded to allow you to catch up with parallel sessions, to let remote members to follow the conference and to give a feedback to presenters about their performance. On the recordings link you can also find contributions taped remotely in Brazil or Bangladesh and sent in advance from participants who in the end could not make it personally to Prague.

Furthermore, we had your movies about waders being broadcasted during breakfasts, shorebird voices recognition contest, roasted invasive sika deer, superior Meopta optics exhibition, great drawings capturing many presentations from Ysbrand Galama, frisbee and discgolf sessions.

Let’s see which features will launch a new tradition!

Once again, I would like to thank all participants for contributing to our pleasant Prague conference. It was the great pleasure for us to host you in Prague!

Vojta Kubelka (on the behalf of the organizing team)




All members of the IWSG can access recorded talks here.

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Abstracts of the talks and posters presented at the Prague conference can be downloaded here.

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