Types of contributions

Wader Study publishes several types of articles and authors must clearly indicate which type of contribution is being submitted.

1. Contributions subject to peer-review:

1.A. Research papers

Description: Report of a research study on waders/shorebirds conducted by the author(s), containing original data and original analyses.

1.B. Short communications

Description: Short report on original observations, or short study regarding waders/shorebirds conducted by the author(s).

 1.C. Synthesis/Mini Review

Description: General (literature) review. The Editors specifically invite PhD students to submit a short and up-to-date version of the initial chapter of their thesis, when this is a review of the area in which the PhD is focused. There will be a maximum of one such contribution per issue.

2. Contributions subject to editor-only review:

2.A. Perspectives

Description: Opinion piece discussing a proposed theme in wader/shorebird biology, ecology and/or conservation by invitation from the Editors only. Proposals to invite  “Perspectives” from members of the Editorial Advisory Committee, society members and other readers will all be considered. There will be a maximum of one such contribution per issue.

2.B. Forum (formerly “Correspondence”)

Description: Contributions from the wider community reporting particular aspects of wader/shorebird ecology and conservation, as well as previously unknown topics.

3. Other contributions

Besides the above listed contributions, WS serves as means of communicating with society members and the wider community, and therefore additional editorial sections are also published (without DOI), including “Forum” and:

  • Notes and News. Edited by Silke Nebel and Gyorgy Szimuly.
  • Abstract of Wader Thesis. Edited by Rob Robinson.
  • Book Review. By invitation only.
  • Conference reports of the Annual International Wader Study Group Conference and of the biannual Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group Meeting (conference abstracts are published in the conference booklet and online at the IWSG website).