Types of contributions

Wader Study publishes a variety of articles and we ask authors to clearly indicate which type of contribution they are submitting.

Peer-reviewed contributions

Research papers
Reports of research on waders/shorebirds conducted by the author(s) and containing original data and analyses.

Methods papers
Descriptions of methods to assist with shorebird research such as how to sex a species or how to improve catching success.

Short Communications
Short research reports on original observations or short research projects.

Reviews of a particular subject in the literature.  Please contact the editors to propose a review.


Special features – reviewed by the editors; open access

An opinion piece written by an individual author. Perspectives are usually invited by the Perspective co-ordinator, but may also be proposed by IWSG members.

Wading through Literature
A short piece in which invited authors discuss themes in wader/shorebird biology, ecology or conservation that arise from publications other than Wader Study. WTL contributions are usually invited by the co-ordinator, but suggestions are welcome.

Forum provides a platform for contributions from the wider community reporting particular aspects of wader/shorebird ecology and conservation, as well as previously unknown topics.

Notes & News
Interesting notes, news and notices about anything related to waders. Members are encouraged to send any contributions to the Notes & News coordinator.

Thesis abstracts
A means of disseminating information about important new wader studies in advance of formal publication. Bachelors, Masters and PhD students are invited to submit a short abstract of their thesis to the co-ordinator.

Conference reports
Reports of the annual IWSG conference and biennial WHSG conference written by invited attendees. Volunteers are welcome.