Ageing and Sexing Series

In 2007 the IWSG began publishing papers providing species specific guidelines for the ageing and sexing of shorebirds. The aim is to build this into a comprehensive series of papers enabling ageing and sexing of waders in the hand. More information can be found here (download PDF). The series editor, Wlodek Meissner, is keen to hear from any researchers and ringers who might be interested to write future papers. IWSG can offer help with paper writing if requested. Please email Wlodek with any questions.

The series so far...

Listed on the right are the species for which papers have been published to date. Note that moult patterns and ageing and sexing criteria may vary among populations of a species, so if your study population differs from the details provided in these papers, we would like to hear form you. If you study a species not listed here, please contact Wlodek Meissner to discuss manuscript options.

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Grey Plover ageing and sexing (painting by Tomasz Cofta). from part 10 of the series.

Grey Plover ageing and sexing (painting by Tomasz Cofta; from part 10 of the series).