International Wader Studies

Number 14 - Breeding waders in Europe 2000

Number 19 - The Annual Cycle of the Curlew Sandpiper Calidris ferruginea

Number 16 - Estuarine waterbirds at low tide: the WeBS low tide counts 1992–93 to 1998–99

Number 12 - Shorebirds of the Yellow Sea: importance, threats and conservation status

Number 11 - Fifth European Woodcock and Snipe workshop

Number 10 - Migration and international conservation of waders: research and conservation on north Asian, African and European flyways

Number 9 - Conservation and management of shorebirds in the Western Great Basin of North America

Number 8 - Shorebird ecology and conservation in the Western Hemisphere

Number 7 - Numbers and distribution of waterbirds in the Wadden Sea

Number 6 - Catching and handling birds, and data: practical papers published in the Wader Study Group Bulletin

Number 5 - Disturbance to waterfowl on estuaries

Number 4 - The migration of Knots

Number 3 - Waders breeding on wet grasslands

Number 2 - The conservation of international flyway populations of waders

Number 1 - Breeding waders in Europe: a review of population size estimates and a bibliography of information sources