New available positions within ÉLVONAL Shorebird Science

News authored by Vojtěch Kubelka and Tamás Székely

Within the ÉLVONAL Shorebird Science project: Sex role evolution: testing the impacts of ecology, demography and genes, we are trying to understand the fundamental associations among key components of sex roles: courtship, pair bonding, incubation and parental care, investigating shorebirds across continents. We have established cooperation among 28 teams worldwide working with 46 populations of 31 shorebird species and currently we are offering various volunteering fieldwork experience in Belarus, Cape Verde, Russia, Thailand or Tunisia as well as a new post-doc position within the project.


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Fieldwork in Africa can be difficult for researchers working with shorebirds, but an engagement with local communities is worth of the investment and represents a key to the successful conservation measures, photo: Vojtěch Kubelka.


Featured image: Adult Shore Plover (Thinornis novaeseelandiae), monitored in detail at Motutapu Island, New Zealand, photo: Vojtěch Kubelka.