Looking for Christmas gifts? | Shorebird Species Sponsorship for the European Breeding Bird Atlas

After the fieldwork period (2013-2017), the European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2) coordinated by the European Bird Census Council requires further resources for data analysis and production of the publication. Funding from 2018 onward has still not been secured, and therefore a Species Sponsorship for EBBA2 has been launched.

It’s easy: you choose a species or several ones, and your names will be acknowledged on the website below the selected species at the EBBA2 website. Basic sponsorship is 50 euros, but you can opt for a premium Sponsor or Super sponsor and get more benefits.

A sponsorship could be a perfect Christmas gift, especially if you opt to sponsor a shorebird! You can choose your favourite shorebird species or opt for another “orphan” shorebird. Around 30 shorebird species have not yet attracted a sponsor such as Black-tailed godwit, Ruff, Little ringed-plover!

Top sponsored shorebirds are Lapwing and Great snipes; they already accumulated 5 sponsors!

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The EBBC European Bird Census Council is working on the second edition of the European Breeding Bird Atlas that will be published by 2020 at the latest. Project results will be both deposited in an atlas book but also in a new atlas website presenting all breeding data occurrences and trends of all European bird species censused between 2013 and 2017 in more than 50 European countries, including European part of Russia, Caucasus and Turkey.

More information on the EBBA2 website at:

Oystercatcher pilot map comparing occurrences of the species in EBBA1 and EBBA2 (grey dots: EBBA1 and EBBA2; grey dots: only EBBA2; red dots: only EBBA1). Interactive pilot maps are available at


Featured image: Wood Sandpiper, Tringa glareola, 08-July-2018 Finland ©Guillaume Bigayon.