A massive thank you from Jen and Mark Smart | 603 miles completed and over €2000 raised!

If you haven’t already received it, you will find below a message co-signed by Jen and Mark Smart thanked IWSG Member for their support to their fundraising bike ride:

Dear IWSG Member,

We have finished our epic fundraising bike ride – 603 miles and over 6000m of climbing in 8 days. It was one of the best but hardest things we have ever done, and the British weather certainly made us earn every single donation.

I would like to say a massive thanks to the IWSG members we saw on the way, the lovely messages we received and a huge thanks to Elwyn Sharps who was masterminding the social media accounts that really help to spread the word and to Katharine Bowgen for sending these emails.

Thanks, so much for all your support for IWSG small grants. So far, we have raised over 2000EU.

There is still time to donate here

Once again thanks.

Best wishes

Jen (incoming Chair) & Mark Smart


Featured image: (c) Project Godwit