2023 Sylt, Germany

Key Info

Conference Dates
29/09/23 — 03/10/23

The 2023 annual conference will be held at the Wadden Sea island of Sylt, Germany.

The Wadden Sea is the largest system of intertidal mudflats on the globe. Because of the globally unique geological and ecological values the Wadden Sea is listed as World Heritage.


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IWSG is an organisation which is committed to diversity and inclusivity. Everyone is welcome to become a member or to join us at our conferences, irrespective of their age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality and socio-economic status.

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Our venue is located in the village Rantum. From the train station in Westerland take bus line 2 and exit at “Rantum Nord Sylt Quelle”. From there, it is only a short walk to the venue. Accommodation will be provided and is youth hostel style.

From here, it is a short walk to the mudflats towards the east and to the sandy beaches to the west.

Travelling to an international conference incurs considerable carbon emissions. Please be considerate and try to minimize your carbon foot print.

How to travel to Sylt?

Although Sylt is an island, it has a train connection to the mainland. It also has an airport and you can bring your car to the island.

Travel by train

There are hourly train services from Hamburg to Sylt. Travel time is approx. 3 hours.

Visit the website of the German railway for timetables and tickets. Check for group offers and regional day tickets (choose Schleswig-Holstein ticket which is also valid for public transport in Hamburg).

Consider installing the BahnApp which can be used to purchase tickets and might come handy when trains are delayed.

Please mind that the name of the train station at Sylt is called “Westerland/Sylt”. Trains leave from “Hamburg Altona station”. And please be aware that ticktes can no longer be purchased from train attendants.


Travel by car

Ferry – there is a car ferry connection to Sylt from the Danish island Røm

Train – there is a car shuttle service by train from Niebüll to Westerland/Sylt, run by two companies: “Der blaue Autozug” and “Syltshuttle”.

Leave car at mainland – there are several possibilities to park your car at the mainland, close to the train stations of Niebüll and Klanxbüll. See above for train options to Sylt from there.


Travel by plane

directly – Sylt has an airport with flight connections to major German airports. Destination is called Westerland/Sylt.

via Hamburg airport – this is a convenient way to travel to Sylt from overseas. From the airport take subway S1 and exit at “Hamburg Altona railway station” from where you can get the train to Westerland/Sylt (see above). Please mind that, when travelling directly, all train tickets from Hamburg to Sylt are valid in the subway as well. You can check for timetables and tickets from “Hamburg-Flughafen” to Westerland/Sylt.


Travel by boat

Beside the car ferry, there is a passenger ferry connection from Nordstrand to Sylt Hörnum harbour. To get to Nordstrand, exit the train in Husum and take the bus to “Nordstrand-Fähranleger”. Please mind that there is only a morning departure to Sylt, and an afternoon departure to Nordstrand.


How to travel on Sylt?

Travelling on the island can easily be done by public bus transport (for timetable and fares, German only). Buses depart frequently from outside the train station in Westerland/Sylt. Take line 2 towards Hörnum and exit at “Rantum Nord Sylt Quelle” to reach our venue. Check for group fares.

Tickets for the bus can be purchased directly in the bus or via the Sylt Go App. Please be aware that (regional) train tickets (Schleswig-Holstein ticket, see above) are not valid in busses on the island.