2018 Workum, the Netherlands

Key Info

Conference Dates
28/09/18 — 01/10/18

In 2018 the IWSG Annual Conference was held in Friesland, the Netherlands.
The conference was a part of the Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018 events.


For a group photo we gathered around a Black-tailed Godwit (slightly bigger and with a metallic touch, but still lovely!) on the main square of Workum.


The meeting took place in the Culturehouse (Kultuerhus) The Klameare; the street address is Merk 1, 8711 CL, Workum, the Netherlands.


Interested in reading again the abstracts from the Workum conference? Please download the Book of Abstracts as a pdf.

Recommended citation:
Author(s). Year. Title. Oral/poster presentation, International Wader Study Group Conference, 28 Sept – 01 Oct 2018, Workum, the Netherlands. Abstracts available at: