Surveys of River Lapwings Vanellus duvaucelii in Bangladesh and observations on their nesting ecology


90 – 96

15 October 18

Sakib Ahmed, Sayam U. Chowdhury, Robert Sheldon


Sakib Ahmed
16/C Tallabag, Sobhanbag, Mohammadpur Dhaka 1207, Bangladesh


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Data on the globally Near Threatened River Lapwing Vanellus duvaucelii are scarce. In this study, we investigate the species’ population density, breeding biology and conservation status in Bangladesh. In six transects with an aggregate length of 63.45 km, we counted 78 adult River Lapwings, an overall density of 1.2 per km. Densities were greater in the three transects in the district of Chapai Nawabganj (52 adults along 18.80 km: 2.8 per km) than in the three transects in the district of Kushtia (26 adults along 44.65 km: 0.6 per km). Our surveys show that these areas hold the highest concentration of River Lapwings in Bangladesh and possibly anywhere in the world. We studied ten River Lapwing nests, and we present the biometrics of 11 eggs. We also assessed the threats the species is facing in the areas we surveyed. These include sediment extraction from rivers, river dredging, construction of dams and other anthropogenic activities and disturbances.
Currently the sites are unprotected. In our view, they are so important to River Lapwings that they should be given protected status such as designation as ‘riverine protected areas’.