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Sanderling by Jeroen Reneerkens

IWSG Sanderling Project

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Tame Sanderling incubates chick in researcher's hands Sanderlings are long-distance migrating shorebirds that occur in intertidal areas, and particularly on sandy beaches, worldwide. They are well known as the clock-work-toy shorebird that runs in and out of the surf, but there are still many unknowns about the life of this enigmatic wader. We intend to answer those questions about the life of Sanderlings, and anyone can help us with this.
The Sanderling Project of the International Wader Study Group aims to learn more about migration routes, phenology and population dynamics (survival and recruitment) of sanderlings in Europe, Africa and Asia. The project aims to:
  • create an international network of Sanderling enthusiasts
  • increase the number of colour-ring resightings in Europe, Africa and West Asia
  • organise, stimulate and aid in setting up standardised catches of Sanderlings in Europe, Africa and West Asia
  • organise and stimulate counts of Sanderlings

The sanderling project team consists of: Kirsten Grond, Romke Kleefstra, Brecht de Meulenaer, Martin Poot & Jeroen Reneerkens (project leader) and many volunteers!

Use the links on the right to find out more about Sanderlings and how you can help with the project.
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