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WSG Bulletin - Guidelines for authors

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Contributions to

Dr Humphrey P. Sitters
Higher Wyndcliffe,
EX12 3LP,

Tel: +44(0)1297 21295 Email:

The Editor is always pleased to discuss possible contributions with potential authors, and to advise on presentation.

  • Manuscripts should preferably be presented in electronic format and submitted either as email attachments or on CD. Hard copy will be accepted, but is not preferred.
  • If any non-English font (e.g. Polish) is required, a Truetype (.ttf) file for the font must be supplied.
  • Authors should consult a recent Bulletin and adopt the style and conventions for headings, cited references, reference lists, etc. For example, in the text cited references are listed alphabetically, not in date order.
  • Figures (maps, line-drawings, photographs, graphs): Figures may be submitted either as digital files or as hard copy. If figures are to be submitted in the form of digital files, the following requirements apply in order to achieve satisfactory results in the printing process:
    • Format: EPS and PS files are preferred. Microsoft Excel, CorelDraw 8 (or lower), TIFF, BMP and certain types of JPEG files are also compatible with the typesetting program in use. Files in other formats may have to be returned to the author for recasting. Please note that graphics imported into MSWord files are unsuitable for typesetting as the resolution is much too low.
    • Resolution: At the envisaged final printed size, the resolution of greyscale and colour images should be at least 300 dots per inch. Line drawings and graphs in black and white should have a resolution of at least 600 dpi at the envisaged final printed size. Images of 72 dpi (typical in the World Wide Web environment) are not suitable for printing unless they are provided at a very large size so that the resolution will become suitably high when the image is downscaled.

      Alternatively figures may be supplied as hard copy: line-art should be produced neatly in black ink on good-quality white or tracing paper, with linear dimensions about 50% larger than intended publication size. Slides and photos can also be submitted. Please retain a copy in case of loss or damage.
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