Accepted articles from the upcoming volume 121 issue 1.

Research Papers
Breeding ecology studies of Collared Pratincoles Glareola pratincola in the Central Hauts Plateaux of Algeria
Ettayib Bensaci, Nacéra Boutera, Abdelkader Cherief, Menouar Saheb, Aissa Moali, Moussa Houhamdi
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Survival of Pacific Golden Plovers at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific - an urban wintering ground on Oahu, Hawaiian Islands
Oscar W. Johnson, Patricia M. Johnson, Jay J. Rotella
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Quantifying the importance for waterbirds of an urban rocky coastal site in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
Gustavo Tejera, Beneharo Rodríguez
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Notes on the foraging behaviour of Eurasian Oystercatchers Haematopus ostralegus feeding on bread
Klaas van Dijk
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Red Knots scavenging on large, dying cockles: opportunistic feeding by a sensory specialized mollusc-crushing shorebird
Martin J.M. Poot, Bernard A.J. Roelen, Theunis Piersma
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Short Communications
First record of Grey-tailed Tattler Heteroscelus (Tringa) brevipes in E Sumatra, Indonesia
Muhammad Iqbal, Dudi Irawan, Fadly Takari
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Observation on the East Asian - Australasian Flyway of a Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola originating from Wrangel Island
Pavel S. Tomkovich, Alexei G. Dondua, David S. Melville
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Red imported fire ants Solenopsis invicta cause Black-necked Stint Himantopus mexicanus nest failure
Thomas V. Riecke, Warren C. Conway, Christopher E. Comer, David A. Haukos, Jena A. Moon
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Other material

Abstracts of Wader Theses
compiled by Rob Robinson
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