Wintering Curlew & Brent Geese threatened by Campdown, Crookhorn, Havant – Hampshire UK | Peter Pots

A housing development on a large area of open countryside close to Langstone Harbour is threatened major wintering habitats of Eurasian Curlew and Brent Geese. In this area the birds feed on wet grassland, identified as core habitat in the Solent Waders and Brent Goose Strategy.

Site location of the Campdown proposed development (top) is identified in the Solent Wader & Brent Goose Strategy as a core site (bottom).


Up to 350 Brent Geese and 150 Curlew feed on these wet grassland in the winter, returning to roost in Langstone Harbour each evening.

Peter Potts, a long-time IWSG member, is actively fighting against this housing development project, presenting arguments motived by his many years of experience on surveying waders in the Solent estuary area. See the detailed objection of Pete there: Camp Down planning application response Jan 2020.pdf

The International Wader Study Group wrote to the Havant Borough Council to express its concern over the proposed development at the Land East of College Road, Campdown, Purbrook, Waterlookville. IWSG_Letter of support re Langstone Harbour SPA_Havant Borough Council_2020Jan22.pdf

British people are encouraged to leave their comments and object to the APP/19/01101 project on the Havant Borough Council website by the deadline of 13th February 2020, at (simply copy & paste APP/19/01101 in the search box):