2022 IWSG Small Grant Winners announced | The IWSG Small Grant Committee

The latest IWSG Small Project Grant has been found!

Thomas Lameris‘ project on Arctic skuas’ possible defensive umbrella exploited by Ruddy Turnstones has been awarded with the IWSG Small Project Grant for the field season 2023.

Many shorebirds nest in loose groups or colonies to form a ‘defensive umbrella’ around their nest. The same may apply to Ruddy Turnstones that often place their nests close to Arctic Skua nests, which can fiercely defend their nest. However, Turnstones are also know for robbing the nests of other species such as gulls. Thomas and colleagues will study these colonies of Ruddy Turnstones and Arctic Skuas to find out who exactly benefits the most from nesting together.

Thomas Lameris tracking Red Knot chicks in the field using radio telemetry. (c) NIOZ. Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.

Since 2016, the International Wader Study Group annually funds small projects to support shorebird studies that otherwise will not go ahead. visit the IWSG Small Projects Grants pages:


Featured image: Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres in flight, (c) Jeroen Reneerkens.