PhD position in shorebird migration physiology

Posted by Phil Battley:

Last Date to Apply: 11 February 2019

We are looking for a PhD student to study aspects of the physiology of Bar-tailed Godwits as they prepare to and recover from migration. This is a unique opportunity to get insight into a truly epic migrant (making flights of 7-10 days duration). The specifics of the project can be developed, but would focus on the regulation of fuel delivery and antioxidation systems in godwits, principally through cross-sectional sampling of migratory (adult) and non-migratory (immature) godwits at Pukorokoro Miranda in the Firth of Thames.

The ideal candidate would have a background in animal physiology and/or shorebird biology, and experience with mist-netting and blood sampling would be an advantage. You will need a clean driver’s licence.

If this sounds like you, then please register your interest with me, with a letter that covers (1) your background and research interests, (2) qualifications and grades (with transcripts), (3) CV and (4) names of two or more referees. This is not a formal application at this stage. Please make contact by 11 February when I return from the field. Send to Phil Battley (

Prof. Phil Battley

Massey University

Palmerston North

New Zealand


Featured image: Bar-tailed godwits, Christchurch, New Zealand.©Jonathan Harrod, Minden Pictures for National Geographic.