And the 2020 IWSG Small Grant Winner is….

IWSG are happy to announce that we have found the successful applicant for the 2019 Small Project Grant: Emmanuel Nii Attram Taye from the University of Ghana with his project “Breeding ecology and foraging behaviour of Black-winged stilts in Ghana“.

Aspects of Black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus) foraging and breeding biology is still poorly understood. The project will investigate behaviour and nesting success of this species in the Densu Delta Ramsar Site in Ghana. The project will be the first to report on the interactions – such as interference and predation – between Black-winged stilts and Little tern (Sternula albifrons) with which is shares breeding habitat.

The data is thought to be of high value for making wetland conservation decisions, in Ghana and beyond.

The committee were happy with the project’s focus on African waders. Breeding biology and requirements of many African waders is unknown and this study will definitely add to new knowledge.

Congratulations to Emmanuel!

The 2020 IWSG Small Grant will support the project proposal of Emmanuel Nii Attram Taye from the University of Ghana about the behaviour and nesting success of Black-winged stilts in the Densu Delta Ramsar Site in Ghana. ©E. Taye.

The Small Project Grant committee would like to thank all who applied for the grant. We were very happy with the high standard of the projects applied for! Thank you all.

Also, please consider applying for the next application round. Announcement of the opening of the call will come via the IWSG website and social media.


Jannik Hansen

on behalf of the Small Project Grant committee


Featured image: Black-winged Stilt, Somme Bay, July 2018, ©Bigayon.