Afonso Rocha won the IWSG 2023 competition for tracking studies with his “Temperature Exodus” project

The IWSG is happy to announce the winner of IWSG competition for tracking studies which took place during our 2023 annual conference (Sylt, Germany 29/09/23 — 03/10/23).

Dr Afonso Rocha, from the University of Extremadura, Spain, won 15 GSM MINI 4G Druid Trackers to study “Temperature Exodus” using Black-winged Stilt in the Tagus estuary, Portugal.

read more about the project “Temperature Exodus” of Alfonso Rocha here: Temperature_Exodus_AR – Afonso Rocha.

Black-winged-stilt is an excellent model species to investigate the effects of temperature on avian decisions as they breed across a vast range of habitats from freshwater to hypersaline environments” explains Dr Afonso Rocha from the University of Extremadura, Spain.

The Price is funded by Druid Technology Co., Ltd. It includes one year of free data service.


Congrats to Alfonso Rocha!


Featured image: Dr. Alfonso Rocha from the University of Extremadura, Spain.