The migration of Red Knots through Porsangerfjord in spring 2006: a progress report on the Norwegian Knot Project


41 – 45

1 December 06

Jim Wilson, Roger Swinfen, Barbara Swinfen, Karl-Birger Strann, Trond Johnsen, Vigdis Frivoll, Rob Wilson, Derek Stanyard, Mike Harrison, Ray Strugnell

Jim Wilson
Granveien 46, 1911 Flateby, Norway.


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We report on the results of the Norwegian Knot Project for 2006. The stopover population in Porsangerfjord, N Norway, was estimated at 32,000 birds. Birds arrived later than in 2005 (18–21 May) and departed earlier (29–31 May). The distribution changed from 2005 to 2006. Birds in 2005 mainly occurred on the inner parts of the fjord on muddy shores and in 2006 in the outer parts of the fjord on rocky shores. Bill and wing lengths proved that the birds were C. c. islandica breeding in Greenland and Canada. The mean arrival mass was 143.4 g, similar to that recorded in Iceland and Balsfjord, Norway. On 26 May, the mean mass was 161.8 g, an increase of 2.8 g/day. Departure masses are predicted to be lower than in Iceland or Balsfjord. Ringing recoveries and sightings of marked birds in Europe were from the wintering area of C. c. islandica . Sightings of marked birds from E Greenland and Alert, Ellesmere Island, Canada indicate the breeding area of Porsanger Knots.