The Chagraiskoje Reservoir area of Stavropol Region, SW Russia, harbours significant numbers of migrating Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius


60 – 64

1 April 07

Rob H. Field, J. Jeff Gordon, Maxim Koshkin, Katie M. Field, Olga Gordon, Natasha Kucheryavaya, Viktor Fedosov, Luba Malovichko

Rob H. Field
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL, UK.


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We report the findings of a preliminary survey of Chagraiskoje Reservoir in Stavropol Region,  SW Russian Federation, for the critically endangered Sociable Lapwing. This area has historically harboured large numbers of this species on autumn passage, and our findings suggest that it is still important as a staging habitat for the species. We found significant numbers of Sociable Lapwing in the context of the most recent population estimates, including colour-ringed birds from the breeding grounds in central Kazakhstan. However, the majority of birds seen were not colour-marked, and we speculate on their origins. We discuss threats to this species, the habitat provided by the reservoir, and other species using the area (some present in internationally important numbers) and suggest further studies necessary to elucidate further the role of this currently unprotected area in sustaining Sociable Lapwings on passage.