Number 3 – Waders Breeding on Wet Grasslands


1 – 105

1 January 90

Hermann Hoetker (editor)

Herman Hoetker

On 23 September 1989 the Wader Study Group (WSG) brought together experts of several European countries in a workshop on breeding waders of wet grasslands, held during the WSG conference in Ribe, in Denmark.

These proceedings include most of the talks which were given at the conference. National reviews for Belgium, Denmark, France and Portugal which were not presented in the work- shop, have been added. The papers in the proceedings differ in length and some other fea- tures. Some papers reflect contradictory views (see the contributions of Albert Beintema p. 3-5 and Hugo Witt p. 73-78). The diversity of the papers in this Bulletin partly reflects the diver- sity of approaches to studying and conserving wet grasslands and the waders breeding in this habitat. No attempts have therefore been made to assimilate the differences between the papers. The recommendations, however, were approved by all participants of the workshop

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