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IWSG Banner. Photos by Jan van der Kam and Simon Gillings

Shorebird research

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The International Wader Study Group is keen to promote and facilitate research on the world's shorebirds. In this respect its worldwide membership, affiliated organisations and media such as the WSG Bulletin offer a great means to coordinate research along and across flyways.


A good example of this is the IWSG's Colour Mark Register which acts as a clearing house for biologists wishing to colour-mark waders so as to avoid duplication of schemes in different countries. For more information, click here


The IWSG also promotes specific 'projects'. Examples have included the Europe-wide survey of breeding waders (see International Wader Studies for full details) and Tringa glareola 2000, a project aiming to understand more about the Wood Sandpipers migrating through Europe. Projects have a strong theme of collaboration between countries and between amateur and professional biologists. For more information on recent and current projects, click here

IWSG ~ shorebird research and conservation

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