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Waders-L is an email group for any questions relating to wader conservation and research. It is not limited to IWSG members and is open to amateurs and professionals alike. Since February 1996 Waders-L has covered topics including requests for and offers of information, ideas, data and collected material (such as skeletal and soft-tissue samples), advertising employment, bursary, fellowship and volunteer opportunities, notices of meetings and availability of written materials (e.g. expedition reports, books, proceedings, reprints).

Subscription to Waders-L

In order to subscribe, please use the Mailman web site at UCT here. If you have difficulties with this facility, please contact the managers of Waders-L (see below).

Wader Nomenclature

After a heated debate on the issue of common vs scientific names of birds and other organisms, it was decided by the list members to adhere to the following: common names should be followed by the corresponding scientific name when first mentioned in the text, and the common name can be used thereafter throughout the text. This is also the standard that most of the technical publications dealing with birds use.

Waders-L Managers
Waders-l is managed by:
René Navarro (rene.navarro@uct.ac.za)
Les Underhill (les.underhill@uct.ac.za)
Please contact René for queries concerning the working of Waders-L.
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