Wader Study

Wader Study is the new name for the journal formerly known as the Wader Study Group Bulletin. Expect to find high-quality peer-reviewed wader science and news from around the world. Wader Study is published three times per year and is available to IWSG members by annual subscription (hard copy, electronic or both). See here for subscription rates and here for manuscript submission information.

International Wader Studies

Formerly Special Issues of the Wader Study Group BulletinInternational Wader Studies is a series of volumes dealing with the ecology of particular shorebird species, habitats, ecological systems or conservation issues. Many have been the result of IWSG conferences, symposia or workshops.

Wader Study Group Bulletin

Prior to 2015 the IWSG’s journal was known as Wader Study Group Bulletin. Just like Wader Study it was published three times per year and included peer-reviewed articles on shorebird from around the globe, plus wader-related news, notices, advances in study techniques, expedition reports as well as comment and debate concerning shorebird research and conservation.

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