Help create the World’s Biggest Bird Feeder, to avoid population crash of Great Knots

Help create the World’s Biggest Bird Feeder!

To avoid population crash of Great Knots, experts appeals to feed knots arriving in Yellow Sea now.

This is an international effort to create possibly the largest ever supplementary feeding effort is underway – and its occurring at the Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust’s sister site, Yalu Jiang National Nature reserve in Liaoning China.

For 70,000 Great Knots shellfish will cost 473,000 AUD. If you donate 630 AUD (487 USD) you feed 100 birds. Your donation will prevent die-off and inform science.

UPDATE 15 April 2018:

Goal is reached! We are very grateful for your donations to support experimental supplementary feeding for Great Knots.

The response in China has far exceeded expectations, which is very encouraging, showing that there are people in China who care greatly for the environment and migratory birds. Our international supporters have also been very generous.

The result is that the team thinks there are sufficient funds to cover what they hope to achieve and therefore respectfully suggest that there is no need to carry out any further fund raising for this project.

More at: Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust

Photo credit: Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre


Featured photo by Dmitry Dorofeev – Great Knots in Kamchatka on southward migration.