The International Wader Study Group strongly promotes shorebird conservation, and through its members, conferences and publications, increase knowledge concerning waders and their status. The more members we have, the stronger our voice so join up, and read on.

Migratory Waders in Africa and Western Eurasia in the 1990s was a collaborative exercise to re-evaluate population sizes and trends of all species of migratory waders in Africa and Western Eurasia. It was published as International Wader Studies 15.

Breeding Waders in Europe 2000 was a collaborative exercse to produce new population estimates for all waders breeding in Europe and is now published as International Wader Studies 14

The Cadiz Conclusions draws attention to worldwide declines in shorebird populations…PDF

The Kollumerpomp Statement concerns the conservation status of waders breeding and wintering on lowland farmland in Europe.