AGM Minutes & Reports

On this page you can find various official documents of the IWSG, including the Minutes of the AGM and Officers’ Reports.

Note that reports relate to calendar years and AGMs take place the following autumn. For example, the 2013 documents contain the report on the calendar year 2013 which formed part of the discussion at the AGM held in autumn 2014.


2016 > 2017

Officers’ and Chair reports over 2016 (published 8 September 2017).

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the International Wader Study Group will be held 9:00–10:00 on Saturday 16 September 2017 during the Annual Conference at the University of Life Sciences campus, Prague, Czech Republic.

The agenda can downloaded here: AGM 2017 agenda published in Wader Study issue 124-2.



Below link contains the Officer’s report over 2015.

AGM Minutes (for AGM held 2016)

IWSG Officers reports for 2015_Published Sept 2016



Below link contains the reports for 2014.

AGM Minutes (AGM held 2015)

All Officers reports over 2014_Online Sept 2015